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Two tools to view your stereo cubemaps in VR


A little over a year ago, V-Ray introduced a native way to render stereo cubemaps that people could view on a Samsung Gear VR. Many of our users have been looking for solutions to view their content on a variety of devices besides the Gear VR, especially Google Cardboard. The reason being, they wanted to be able to have something more versatile and adaptable.

Here are two solutions from other companies that we have found that may fit your needs. If you’ve found other solutions that you prefer, let us know.

Irisvr Scope:

This is a simple solution that allows you to upload your stereo cubemap prerendered content on their site, then use an app on your Android or iPhone to view it in Google Cardboard, or GearVR


This is a site that allows you to build a full VR presentation of your stereo cubemap prerendered content, complete with hotspots, a shareable link, that is entirely browser based. It works on Google Cardboard, GearVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

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