Guide to GPU Rendering

    Guide to GPU

    Welcome to the Chaos Group Labs’ Guide to GPU Rendering.

    GPU rendering conversations often end with more questions than answers. What card should I buy? Should I get a professional or gaming card? How much memory do I need? CUDA or OpenCL? And the list goes on.

    We decided to answer these questions by creating a free Guide to GPU rendering. It gives a quick history of GPU vs. CPU rendering, current hardware and software trends, common myths, and what to expect in the near future.

    We hope it helps steer you in the right direction. At least it should save you countless frustrating hours sifting through the internet.

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    Featured images by Dabarti Studio rendered in V-Ray GPU

    dabarti-excavator-vrayrt-gpu-01dabarti-guitar-vrayrt-gpu-01dabarti-guitar-vrayrt-gpu-02dabarti-studio-bee-front-vrayrt-gpudabarti-studio-bee-top-vrayrt-gpuVisit Dabarti Studio

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